Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

PFM Co., based in Avda Rosalía de Castro, 60 bajo (15895), O Milladoiro, informs all users of web page about its privacy politics in regards to personal data treatment and protection about the same users and clients that may be saved during their experience on the site.

According to the current state of the law, DPFM Co. guarantees all aspects of the correspondent regulation regarding personal data are to be met, as shown in Ley Orgánica 15/1999, created on the 13th of December, about personal data protection and Real Decreto 1720/2007, created on the 21st of December, in which the Reglamento de Desarrollo de la LOPD (the valid legal frame under which we act) was approved.
The sole use of the site implies the acceptance of this privacy policy.

2. Gathering, purpose and data treatment.

DPFM Co. complies with its duty to inform all users of its website about the personal data gathering that might occur, whether by it is done by email or by filling the forms included in the site. To this regard, DPFM Co. will be here on held responsible of the data gathered by the means previously depicted.

Also, DPFM Co. informs its users that the final purpose of the data gathered includes: management of user-made inquiries, inclusion in our contact database, commercial relation administration and other purposes:

  • Manage the user’s registration on the Platform. Personal data granted will be used to identify the petitioner as a user of the Platform and to concede access to the various functionalities, products and services a registered user has at their disposal.
  • The development, compliance and execution of the product trading contract of any products acquired from Us through the site. In particular, this is to be noted:
    • i. In case you choose to save your payment information, you are in fact authorizing us to manage the indicated required data for proper activation and usage of the functionality, including that of your credit or debit card. The security code on the card (CVV or CVC) will solely be used for the ongoing purchase, and won’t ever be stored or used further on as a part of the payment information. The consent given to activate this functionality will allow the payment information to be autocompleted in later purchases, thus not being necessary to fill again on each buying process, and will be held as valid and up to date for later purchases. You will be able to modify or eliminate your cards at any time given through “Mi Cuenta>Datos de Pago.”
    • ii. We store and send the information on your cards in agreement with the usual international security and confidentiality standards on credit and debit cards. The use of this feature may require, for security purposes, a change in your access password. Please remember that security whilst using the Platform depends, as well, on an adequate use and keeping of personal access keys.
  • Contact you via email, phone calls, SMS or any other electronic communication means equivalent, about updates, informative news related with the functionalities, products or services bought, including security updates of the Platform, whenever it’s reasonable or compulsory for its realization.
  • Attend all inquiries and petitions made through the means at your disposal in “Contactar>Formulario de Contacto” or “Servicio al cliente.”

Operations, actions and technical procedures, made automatically or not automatically, that enable the gathering, storage, change, transfer and other actions regarding personal data will be treated as management of this personal data.

All personal data gathered via DPFM Co’s website, and thus are treated as personal data treatment, will be added to the files presented to the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency of Data Protection) by DPFM Co.

3. Information communication to third parties.

DPFM Co. informs all users that their personal data will not be bestowed upon third parties, unless that bestowal is dependent on a legal duty, or when the provision of a service implies the need of a contract relation with a treatment manager. In the latter, the bestowal of data to any third party will only occur when DPFM Co. has received manifest agreement from the user.

4. User rights.

The Ley Orgánica 15/1999, 13th of December, about personal data protection allows any part interested the possibility to exercise several rights related to personal data treatment.

As the user’s data are to be in several ways processed by DPFM Co, the users will be able to exercise access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights, in accordance with the correspondent legal framework in regards to personal data protection.

To carry out the exercise of these rights, the user shall communicate via a written means, providing any valid ID (DNI or passport) to the following address: DPFM Co, Avenida Rosalía de Castro 60 Bajo 15895-O Milladoiro (A Coruña), or the address substituted in the Registro General de Protection de Datos (Data Protection General Record).

Said communication must include this information: User’s first and last name, the application petition, address and certifying data.

The exercise of these rights must be done by the user. They could be, nonetheless, executed by an authorized person acting as a legal representative of the authorized. In that case, the documents that prove this representation relation shall be provided.