About Us

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DPFM Clothing is a spanish clothing brand based in Galicia inspired by the concept of tragedy and unending love. The premise of our brand is to transform human emotions, music and art into fashion collections.

The first six years of the brand have served as a long learning process in which Sr. Lobo, the founder, has been trying to find the right people and the right work method to accomplish the ideas and concepts he had in mind.

This finally happened when Sr. Lobo randomly met René at a Summer festival, where they subsequently started to exchange ideas about fashion and style. René was going through an existential crisis in his life and had only one clear thing in his mind: Design clothes with a background story.

Sr Lobo was unsure about the project of working together due to the music and fashion in which René emerged himself within, however all doubts regarding a possible collaboration dissipated when René explained that he was thinking about creating a collection based on the nine circles of hell described in ‘Inferno’, the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th century epic poem named ‘Divine Comedy’.

The DPFM alliance between Sr. Lobo and René took place in the early Summer of 2016 and soon after they started to work on a colorful collection that Sr. Lobo already had in the works (which was finally named and released as ‘AWOL’).

‘The 9 Circles Of Hell’ was still a serious idea to develope after ‘AWOL’ but ‘Still Life’ was impervously born as a representation of the main concepts inside the brand, so it ended up being the first collection in which Sr. Lobo and René worked together from the original main idea to the final product – All while simultaneously re-branding DPFM to uplift the graphic and aesthetic features of the brand to the same level they expected to reach with their new garments.

After such overwhelming feedback for the ‘Still Life’ collection, they decided to raise the bar yet again with another collection named ‘Dead Inside’. It was after working on both collections, that Sr Lobo and René both realised that they were developing two different projects which had the same concept however they were both approaching it from two different perspectives – Visually, both collections were executed uniquely and distinctively from one another. It was after this point in their time together where the basis of the brand was ultimately defined: Tragedy and unending love.